About Dr. Condor

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Candida Condor, Psy.D  is a psychotherapist specializing in Adults with Complicated Childhoods, and maintains a private practice in Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks in California.

After earning a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Candida Condor created a program and website called MissingCurriculum.com. This body of work has been created to expand the services of Dr. Condor so that she is able to reach a greater number of people

Dr. Condor specializes in EMDR therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is an evidence-based treatment for trauma. She is an EMDRIA Certified Therapist, Approved Consultant and Basic Training Facilitator for the EMDR Institute. Dr. Condor has presented on the integration of Well Being Theory from Positive Psychology with the Eight Phases of EMDR therapy at EMDRIA and EMDR Europe conferences. Her work is focused on the healing of trauma induced by Adverse Life Experiences.

Dr. Condor's personal struggle with life-threatening illness and catastrophic loss propelled her into a deep exploration of the true nature of her identity. Her experiences confirm that she is a Soul having a human experience and opened the portal to an unexpected life. She is convinced of the resilience of the human Spirit and saddened by the mis-understandings that lead to poor life choices. She founded Missing Curriculum to assist others to build a solid psychological foundation, a personal spiritual belief system and to embody their Soul connection. These are the building blocks to living an inspired life.