About Missing Curriculum

Image of Dr. Curnan and Dr. Condor

MISSING CURRICULUM provides skill-building tools, exercises, infographics, handouts, techniques, and other experiential options to both challenge and support Post Traumatic Growth.

MISSING CURRICULUM was founded by Candida Condor, Psy.D. In 2017, she was honored to be joined by Cynthia Curnan, Ph.D. Together they bring a depth of experience, knowledge and compassion to the healing journey.

Missing Curriculum addresses the  developmental  deficits that result from trauma. When a person experiences trauma, the experience is encoded in the brain in a closed neural loop. This can be referred to as a brain injury, as the brain function becomes 'impaired'. This closed neural loop contains all of the sensory information; visual, audial, emotional, physical and temporal; of the traumatic event. Also stored in this closed neural loop is the trauma-encoded negative belief about the self that was generated by the traumatic event. Some of these are "I'm powerless", "I'm helpless", "I'm not lovable", "I don't matter", "I'm not in control" or "I'm bad". These unconscious underlying organizing beliefs result in an unstable psychological foundation. They result in self-sabatoge and self-harm in the worst cases, and in an inability to experience satisfaction, safety and peace.

EMDR therapy is highly effective for the treatment of trauma and PTSD. However resolving the trauma isn't enough, we must address the developmental gaps and deficits. When a person is traumatized learning stops for some period of time, and a person gets stuck in the time of the trauma. We've all seen friends, family, strangers and ourselves change into a childlike state. The tools available from Missing Curriculum are designed to address this issue.

Utilizing positive psychological principles, the programs are based in affirmative learning strategies. They focus on building a solid psychological foundation and strengthening the Self. The Programs are designed to facilitate, educate, support and assist individuals to live their Inspired Life.